We hope you and your family and friends enjoy it here as much as we do! Hopefully the information provided below will make your stay easier and answer your questions as they come up. We have also included some “Resources for your Stay” to help you plan your vacation. If there is anything you need that you do not find an answer to here, please contact either Katie or Nicole by phone or email (be aware Nicole is on Pacific Standard Time ☺ )

We welcome suggestions for anything that could make your stay better, if not immediately then for the next time you visit us!

Contact info:
Katie Foley-Manager kathryn.a.foley@gmail.com 607-279-7598

*Katie is here to help with local
recommendations on things to do, places to eat and sites to tour. Please feel free to reach out if you want some insider suggestions.

Nicole von Suhr-Owner nvonsuhr@gmail.com 206-387-3240


DOOR LOCKSYour door code is specifically yours for your stay and will deactivate after you check out. PLEASE PUT KATIE AND NICOLE’S PHONE NUMBERS IN YOUR PHONE ON ARRIVAL in case there is a malfunction or you forget your code. The front porch door and the laundry room door must be locked from the inside, remember to lock them when you are headed out.

SEPTIC SYSTEMThe Farm is old and the septic system is old – don’t flush ANYTHING other than human waste and toilet paper!!! Tampons and the ‘flushable’ wipes are a disaster for the system, as well as any cooking grease or sludge down the kitchen drain. No bleach or fabric softener either. It’s delicate and there is no quick fix if there is a problem.

THERMOSTATSThere are 4 different heat zones in the house, with four separate thermostats. The heat for the downstairs bedroom is on the same loop as the kitchen and breakfast room. Remember to turn down/off the heat when appropriate.

SHOES IN THE HOUSEThe refurbished floors on the first level are original 1816 planks. Help us keep them around for another 200 years by removing shoes when you and your guests enter the house. Thank You!

NO SMOKINGWe are really serious about no smoking in the house. If there is any sign of smoking of any kind inside, the damage deposit will be forfeit. If you are going to smoke outside, please dispose of your butts properly.

FIRE PITThere is wood for the firepit by the barn entrance. Please keep the size of the fire reasonable and be sure to douse it completely with the hose before leaving it unattended. Hotdog/marshmallow skewers are inside the laundry room door (or there are lots of sticks and kindling in the woods)

GAS GRILLThe grill is propane and there are implements hanging in the laundry room. Remember to turn off the tank when done so there is some left for your next grill session! Scrape it down after use or the critters will be very interested in it.......

EXPLORING THE PROPERTYThere are deer trails through the woods and a camping platform by a small creek. Feel free to explore (the 8 acres goes straight back) but be aware that there are ticks and mosquitos.

The electric cattle fences on the property next door (Ryan Williams Winery) are STRONG so don’t mess with them! They have a good sized herd and a couple of bulls. Stay out of their fenced area, bulls aren’t friendly.


There should be lots of towels for your stay, but if you are a large group there will probably not be spaces to hang them in the bathrooms to dry. There are hooks in each room so you can keep your towels there if you like. When you are done using them, there are fabric laundry bins in the upstairs bathrooms. If there are muddy kids, spilled wine or a big mess that needs cleaning, there are lots of older towels stacked in the laundry room on the shelves that you are welcome to use as needed! (don’t use the new white towels for messes, please).


It is easy for the liner to come out of the shower and flood the bathroom floor. Grab some old towels from the laundry room if it does and try to double check it next time!

BREAKER BOX AND BASEMENTThe breaker box is in the far back corner of the basement. There should be flashlights in the kitchen and each bedroom. There hasn’t been any problem with the circuits but better to be prepared! Note on the basement – please no unattended kidsin the basement, the drainage system consists of a open pit of water in the center of the floor. Adults- don’t fall into it either!

KITCHENThe kitchen should have all the basic supplies and possibly random stuff from other guests, part of the fun of renting a house! Please feel free to use any dishware, utensils, glassware, cooking ware or anything else provided to make you feel at home. There is both a Keurig and a regular coffee maker ‘cause sometimes you just need a cup and fast. (If you are using the white coffee cups and want room for milk, use the 6oz setting). Look in the freezer- often coffee there for your use (and the ice maker works great)! In addition, you may find left over spices, basic baking ingredients or perhaps left over booze! Please feel free to use if you so choose as they are considered house goods.

There is no garbage disposal so please put food scraps and ALL GREASE AND OIL in the garbage, not down the sink. There should be a garbage can and a recycle box. There are large containers for both in the driveway.

Please don’t leave food out on the counters overnight, this is an old Farm house and it is not mouse-proof! I would suggest not bringing food into the bedrooms either.

INTERNET, TV AND MUSICThe wifi password is ****************, caps necessary and is inside the pantry door as well. The box is in the TV room if it needs rebooting and the number to call forissues is on the box. Haefle ***************

We didn’t really have the TV totally figured out before we left this last time – it is a smart tv and you should be able to get both the cable channels and sign in to all your Netflix and Hulu accounts too (just be sure to sign out for the next guests don’t put anything on your account!)

There is a Sonos speaker that you can move from room to room. You can play anything from your own music sites or library by using the free Sonos app and connecting to the speaker.

There are toys, books and games here for you to use and enjoy. We are working on getting outside games stocked. There is a box of toys in the closet under the stairs that my 5 year old second cousin brought for young guests (and he wants to know all their names and if they can have a play date).


If you at the Farm on a Sunday night, we would greatly appreciate it if you could please pull the garbage (and every other week recycling) down to the bottom of the driveway for early

Monday pick up. If it is recycling week- Katie may send you a reminder! Thank you for you for your help on this!

YARD AND GARDENThere should be someone coming to mow once a week and periodic gardening as well. Katie will try and let you know if someone will be by to tend to the grounds during your stay. There are two named frog in the pond (Jacob and Gerald Dunkin Donuts) They are considered family so please do not put anything in the water that might hurt them. Frogs are delicate.


The barn is really cool and really not safe for playing in yet. There will eventually be renovation and replacing stairs and rotted floor boards, but not this year! The end of the barn facing the deck with the sliding glass doors has been renovated into a pub and is absolutely available for

your use.The rest of the barn is off limits for guests for safety and liability reasons so PLEASE DO NOT GO INTO THE MAIN BARN OR LET CHILDREN PLAY IN THERE. GUESTS ARE LIABLE FOR ANY INJURIES INCURRED BY NOT FOLLOWING THIS RULE.


We ask that you do a few things on leaving so the cleaner is not here till midnight!

Please take all the garbage out of the house to the main garbage can in the driveway.

Put all your used towels in the laundry bins in each bathroom (towels from the downstairs bathroom can go directly into the laundry room)

There is a mesh laundry bag hanging in the closet of each bedroom. Please strip the linens off the bed and leave them in the bag in the room (or bring to laundry room if you like)

Please check to make sure all the windows and doors on the main floor are closed and locked and leave a list of any suggestions or things needing restocking on the kitchen counter!


Make sure you like Gathering HIll farm
on Facebook and Instagram! We want our guests to contribute to our online community. Share your favorite spots! What you liked and where you went! Use the hashtags #gathinghillflx #visitflx

Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/gatheringhillfarm/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gatheringhillfarm/


We are lucky enough to have a number of talented artists in our family and circle of friends. You will see their work around the house and some of it is for sale or can be custom ordered. Below are bios and information on their work along with their contact info. You can always ask Nicole about any of the pieces as well.

Linda Nimmer
Oil Paintings and Watercolors

Accomplished multimedia artist working since the early 60’s, now living in Albany. She likes to keep her work affordable and accessible and may be available for commissioned pieces (depending on her schedule)
Her works on display at the Farm have pricing info on the back

Brian Neely
Photography and Wine Books

World traveler Brian Neely has a special interest in wine regions of the world and recently published a gorgeous book on the wine regions of Hungary. Many of the photos in the Farm and regions in the book are places we visited together with he and his wife. His books are for sale for $50 (friends and family rate) and copies of any of his photos can be ordered. Look for a show of his work once the barn is renovated!

Evan Stewart Eisenberg: Designer / Builder : Two Large Tables.

Breakfast Nook Table: "Fit to be Rope Tied". RETAIL $ 2500.00
Functional Art Commission May 2017.
Table base, roughly 90" long and 2.5 feet wide, was built entirely of old wooden rope bed frames, with original "buttons" ( rope ties) and holes for braiding the rope to make a mattress support, and bed posts turned upside down, cut to size and attached to the 5" thick bed frame supports.
Table TOP made from three pieces of Butternut wood, and one piece of hard Oak, planed and joined, and supported across the bottom with the wood from an old, and long wooden clamp. Commission based on plans formulated in early 2017 for delivery in April.

Dining Room Table: "Harvest Tableau / Plateau". Retail Price $ 1200.00

Functional Art Commission May 2017.
Table base made from heavy 5" stock and 4, 5" bed frame posts, cut to size, supporting a top made from re-joined reclaimed wood.
Table Top was FAUX PAINTED, using many layers of gray, white and black paint, sanded and sealed.
Commission based on plans formulated in early 2017 for delivery in April.

Evan Stewart Eisenberg is an artist, musician, actor and creative BON VIVANT...grew up on the east coast, born in FLA, then raised with his siblings in NYC, NJ, Long Island, Ithaca, NY, etc. Born from great grandparents who were VAUDEVILLIANS, and a mother who was professional jazz singer, and a father who worked in advertising, Evan and his siblings were models and actors in NYC in the late 60's and into the 1970's, working in commercials, print ads, films and fashion shows. Evan is also a freelance film maker, having worked in Film and Video Production in L.A., NYC, Miami, Denver, etc., and still is involved in local film and video production.

His mother's love of dealing antiques was inspiration to work with everything OLD: old houses, old barns, building restorations, repair, maintenance, interior design, additions and the creation of re-claimed furniture and home accessories.

Currently working on the creation of a Community Based Coffee Shop and Art Gallery in ODESSA, NY (THE OCD NY), Evan's passion for everything FINGER LAKES is unbounded, constantly seeking new adventures, new experiences, and new FRIENDS who make this area a highly valuable place to call home.

Evan also owns and operate a small Food Truck: THE NY HOT BOX, serving locally sourced foods out of a "remuddled" 1961 Scotty Serro Travel Trailer.

Mr. Eisenberg also owns and operates a private AIRBNB Apartment
ODESSA STEPS GUEST HOUSE, rented out for overnights, short terms, staycations, etc. Feel free to contact Evan at THE OCD at any time. 607 227 9836or www.odessacoffee.com

Jesse Hill

Local artist, craftsman and contractor. Jesse is responsible for the hands on renovation work at the Farm to date. He has a passion for bringing beauty to every project he takes on and is a man of many talents. 

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